Monday, March 31, 2008

a blog about...

I haven't blogged much lately and I have been thinking about ..why blog. As my mom says, isn't is just a myspace for adults...NO MOM! :)

I read photography blogs, mom blogs, homeschooling blogs and weird blogs. I was wondering what purpose I wanted mine to serve and then realized...none. I blog because...

-I think it is cool to say, I have a blog.
-I like to send out pictures and sometimes don't in case people are tired of seeing them.
-I like to get my thoughts out and have never really lasted in doing a diary or journal.
-I like new technology and think this is just fun to do!

So I decided my blog was just about me. No reason. I may post about homeschooling and parenting and work and photography and lots and lots about my family.

This week Mammaw returned to the cold north. We miss her already, but know that she is probably also glad to be home.
Katie figured out you can crawl faster on tile and is working to clean the floors. We toyed with the idea of attaching swiffer sheets to her clothes, but decided against it.
We had Tay and kids over to visit. We had fun playing Wii with Taylin.
I just like this picture. He looks more grown up, but stillhas the chubby baby cheeks. love me little guy.
Getting closer. Mark and girls have been working on this k'nex project. It is a double ferris wheel. They have one wheel done, but the box is missing pieces. Hopefully they will send them soon. It is motorized and they were so excited to turn it on for the first time!


Sherry said...

I love the idea that you are bloggin. If there's anything new going computer technology...I know you'll be doing it. Thats my daughter.
Love the photos, you're a great photographer.
Hey, maybe I'll start an online diary/journal/photo...hey isn't that a blog....I wish it had spell check. hahaha

christy said...

i think it's so funny you just wrote about your reason for blogging...this is all new to me, thanks to you :) and i was on my friends blog page tonight and just clicked on some of her are right, there are a TON of different blogs out there and all so very different. i feel like such a copy-cat....i copied the blog and i'm basically copying your reason for doing all of this! just a fun, easy way to share thoughts, pictures, ideas....i have a lot to say and being around kids all day, i run out of people to talk to! (poor bob! he can't wait for bedtime so i can stop talking!) anyway, thanks for introducing me to blogging which gives me a great outlet.

T.Mark.D. said...

I love the pages. It gives me a chance to see what others hear about our children.
I should have that "miss this" song on my playlist now. If you go to my blog "markedmen" and listen to it. You can select from any of the great songs at the bottom of the page, or even pause it to turn it off.