Thursday, March 20, 2008

Resurrection Rolls

Step 1: Get your tomb ready. (Crescent Rolls)
Step2: Marshmallow symbolizes Jesus. Anoint him in oil. (melted butter)
Step 3: Cover the body in spices. (Cinnamon and sugar)
Step 4: Bake at 350 for 12 minutes and you have an empty tomb.
Step 5: Enjoy your delicious treat!


carole said...

Emily and Sarah

How NEAT!!! That is such a great way to show the Resurrection.... Sounds like you are having lots of fun being " home schooled ".. Call us sometime. Do you still write to Jessie and Beth??? I save all your pictures your Mom sends. Grandma Motorhome

kari b said...

you and Kathi are sharing great ideas for my daycare snacks and crafts. Thanks! We will do the empty tomb today since i have those ingredients. We made baskets out of construction paper and did the resurrection eggs yesterday. I never had the ambition or time to start my blog last weekend. plan to tomorrow. it is still snowy here. looking forward to cedar point and seeing you guys. -kari