Thursday, March 20, 2008

Reading Festival

I was downloading the camera and found this shot and wanted to blog about it. Partly because I just love blogging. :)

Saturday, Mark, Mom, Mammaw and me took my kids, Tay's kids and Kiara and Kayli to the reading festival in downtown Fort Myers. We had a fun time and all the kids got a free book. Katie is sleeping in her carseat, but Mark is holding up her book. It was fun to let the kids pick their books.

Emily -Pippi Longstocking (I think she secretly wishes she could be Pippi.)
Sarah- Cam Jansen book-I don't remember which one, but she enjoys those books.
Kiara-a Care Bear book
Kayli-I can't remember, but she was quick.
Ty-A train book. He has noises that he makes for every train car. It is a short book, but can take a good 10 minutes to read if you do every noise on every page.

I'm not sure about the others as we picked for them.

There was also face painting, crafts and other booths set up. There were authors there too. I didn't know many of them, but they had Stuart Wood for the adults. I used to read some of his books, but now they scare me.

I love free community events. Lots of fun!

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