Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The little things in life

I have a 'list' of things I want to do with the kids when they are young. There are of course the big things...accept Jesus as their Savior, get an education, ....the major things in life, but there are also the little things.

We did 2 of those little things in the past week.

-Get ice cream from the ice cream truck. Every kid should remember doing this. I remember running 2-3 streets over with a handful of change trying to catch the truck. The girls have done this many times when we lived in Cape Coral, but this is only the 2nd time since we have moved to our current home. As soon as Mark saw the truck drive by he hollered for us to come outside. Ty was thrilled to get a Spongebob Ice Cream. We talked to the lady and she said she would be by every Saturday night. It looks like we will be doing this again.

-Sleep in a tent...ok, so we didn't actually sleep in it this time. Mark set up our tent in the front yard, complete with electricy to watch a video on the little tv.

We plan to have part of our school day in there tomorrow. Should be fun.

Maybe I will sit down one day this week and right down all the little things. I think all the little things are what add up to make a great childhood. I hope our children look back one day and realize how much effort we put into making life fun and exciting for them. We sure enjoy doing it!


T.Mark.D. said...

I wanted to throw some ideas on your list of things to do.

1] ice cream van
2] ride an alpine slide
3] a week's of family church camp
4] watch Sound of Music
5] see a rodeo
6] visit Carlsbad caves
7] late night swim
8] place your hands in cement sidewalk or driveway
9] canoe a Michigan river
10] watch fireworks in metro city
11] attend a musical or play
12] ride an overnight train
13] ride in a smal (4person) sircraft
14] touch the Pacific and Atlantic ocean
15) tour the top of the Sear's tower in Chicago
16) tour the White house
17) watch a play at the Ford Theater (Lincolns last play)
18) Eat Calamari
19) Stay up- after there syblings
20) mow the grass once
21) decorate their bedroom, they pick color and theme
22) stay at Disney hotel
23) have their character drawing from fair or amuzement park
24) go to horse camp
25) be in a ballet performance
26) waterski
27) sit in a court hearing
28) have a penpal
29) snorkel
30) see a pro-football game live

Just a start?

carole said...

This is my second try to comment. Are you going to bring that tent to Heman's?? You 2 are fun interesting parents and I don't think your kids will ever be able to complain about their childhood being dull and boring. Your grandma looks so young in that picture. When is she going back to Mi.? Sounds like she has had a good winter in Florida..Mark.. what a list.!!!.. Is that for you or your kids? Some of those things you have already done. You can always come to Heman's Family Camp for a week.. Don't they already have a penpal in Elizabeth?? MOM

T.Mark.D. said...

The list is for the kids.
They have done a few of the items, but I was throwing things on a page for Tabitha to re-work.

I would love to bring the tent to Heman's. We have to see if we have room, or we fly.