Thursday, March 27, 2008

Curriculum Choices.

It's late. I should be in bed. Tomorrow is a very full day....but yet I am posting.

I have been up researching homeschool curriculum choices for next year. I love doing this and have a hard time deciding what to get. There are so many quality choices.

Emily has requested colorful math. ?! This year she is using Saxon Math. All black and white which to her equates to boring! I like the spiral approach of mastery learning, but agree with her that it does get old after awhile.

Sarah doesn't care what we do as long as I am her teacher. I think she worries we may put her back in school, although we never mention that.

I have lots of ideas of what to use, now the narrowing down part begins.

This picture has nothing to do with the post, but I just think she looks so cute. She can't officially crawl, but army crawls. She can get up on all fours and I'm sure she will take off from that position soon.

Where do English Generals put their armies?


carole said...

What are you doing up so late.???. Course it is an hour earlier here. Tomorrow begins our Sower Reunion so we will be busy with activities and greeting couples we already know and meeting new ones... O.K. What the answer to your riddle?? It is too late for me to think... Katie sure is a sweetie..Mom

Kari B. said...

I do the same thing and I'm not even homeschooling. Today in the mail was a Sonlight Curriculum catalogue. I loved it! Never have been able to actually look at their stuff on-line and the book I got doesn't show samples though. The picture is adorable. Waiting for you to explain the riddle to mom so that I can act like I got it.:) -kari

Anonymous said...

Tab, she is so cute. Robin

Tabitha Dillehay said...

English generals put their armies in their.....


Dumb joke that cracks me up!


Kathi said...


In their sleevies! LOL!

Katie is so adorable... Great Job on the picture. Love your lighting! ....Bee abducted...
:) Kathi