Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ty's hospital visit

What was planned to be a busy, birthday party weekend turned in to a overnight hospital stay.

Ty woke up Friday morning with his right eye swollen shut. It looked pitiful and we called right away to get him to the doctor. The doctor gave him an antibiotic shot and asked that we watch it closely and come back first thing Saturday morning.

Saturday morning the swelling had gone down a little bit, but now he was sporting a red ring around his eye. The doctor said this wasn't a good sign and sent us straight to the hospital. When we got there they were waiting for us and admitted Ty right away to start IV antibiotics.

He had periorbital cellulitus or preseptic cellulitus. They mentioned both names. It is the inflammation of the tissue surrounding the eye. It is dangerous because if it isn't caught early in can drain to the back of his head. We caught it time to get the proper treatment.

They administered antibiotics and steroids throughout the day. Since we had to cancel his Superhero Training Party we went ahead and had a little gathering at the hospital to celebrate. We plan to still have the party in another 2 weeks. (otherwise we will have 12 red shiny superheor capes!)

He was released Sunday after he took another dose of antibiotics. We see the pediatrician tomorrow to recheck the eye. The swelling is pretty much gone and all that remains is a little pink around the eye.

Praise God for a speedy recovery!

Here he is during one of the rounds of anitbiotics. The swelling has gone down quite a bit in the picture. As you can see the eye didn't diminish his enthusiasm.

Happy Birthday to Ty!
Cupcakes and a pitiful look! Poor guy!