Thursday, April 24, 2008


Try this out! It is a quick little vocabulary quiz. I was a little disappointed with a B-. Perhaps I will go study a SAT Vocabulary prep guide. :)

I f you try it, post your score in the comments section and we can see how everyone did...unless you do poorly and don't want to. Which means we will notice you didn't post and assume you did poorly.....

:) Do as you please. Tab

Your Vocabulary Score: B-
You have a zealous love for the English language, and many find your vocabulary edifying.
Don't fret that you didn't get every word right, your vocabulary can be easily ameliorated!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

when my kids are older...

See that cute little girl in the front, the one looking at the camera...That's me. Also in the pic, my Great Grandma Averill, my cousins and sister Keela. Aren't we cute!

We take tons of these types of pictures (as I am sure most people do). I look at this now and laugh at the clothes, look in the background for things I remember and wonder what this day was like. Whose house are we at? What was the occasion for getting together? Why is Grandma holding my arm? Was I the kid who wouldn't stand for the picture (I hope not.)?

I love, love, love looking at old pictures. Honestly, I love looking at any pictures. In 3 weeks, I will be at my Mammaw's house. I always spend at least one evening browsing through her pictures. She has tons of albums.

My favorite album is one she made of her and Pappaw. She cut out extra pictures that had Pappaw in them. Then she put the little cut out Pappaw's all throughout the album. For some reason it makes me smile and laugh. I love it! I think she is a scrapbooker at heart!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Ty's visit to the ER

Our "Mr. Tough Guy" had another trip to the ER. He fell off the bench at the kitchen table at my Mom's house. His chin hit the bench and his head hit the marble window ledge. Needless to say he ended up with 3 stitches on his chin.

Other than taking off the bandaid, he is doing fine. They come out on Friday. (That should be fun! :) )

You can't really see them in the picture. They are on his lower right side of his chin.

I was getting him dressed in the Mr. Tough Guy shirt and jean shorts. He insisted on Train pants. He loves these pants and unfortunately (fortunately? ) we have them in 2 colors. They get tons of use around the house!

Katie and Daddy

Mark isn't in these pictures, but can you tell Katie is looking at him. She has quite the thing for her Daddy! If she hears his voice she will crane her neck to find him and smile until he speaks to her.

On Saturday, Mark took her to get her ears pierced. He said she didn't even cry!

Owl Pellets

We have been doing a study on birds for the past few weeks. We have really enjoyed it and learned interesting facts about birds. We culminated our study by dissecting owl pellets. I was thrilled to tell the girls about my plans when I ordered our pellets. Emily looked at me and said, "Are you serious?" Luckily, my excitement carried over to Sarah. (my little Mommy pleaser!)

I will admit they are quite stinky! We have only done the first part so far. That is pulling apart the pellet and finding the bones. Tomorrow we will compare the bones to our classification chart and try to figure out what the owl was eating. We have found at least 4 skulls!

Libby Lu

This weekend we took the girls to Club Libby Lu. We had a wonderful time. The girls got to pick a makeover style. They both selected the Princess makeover. They liked the bun and tiara. It is geared towards 6-12 year olds and a fun way to dress up and be girly.

The girls got their hairstyled, nails painted and got to make their own lipgloss, face mask and body spritz.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Our little Katie is stumping us. She isn't gaining weight like she should. From 4 months-7months she has only gained 5 ounces. She should have gained around 3 pounds. We are in 'Operation Beef up the Baby' for the next 2 weeks. Please pray that she will put on at least another 8 ounces during this time.

I took her in for a weight check on Monday and saw a different doctor. (One I am not too fond of) She was very concerned and threw out some crazy reasons why she wasn't gaining, all of which made us quite nervous.

I spoke with our doctor today (one I really like) and she took some time to discuss what could be going on and why we are concerned. She gaves us some good ideas of things to do to help her. None of these are things we didn't know, but she is just good about reminding and reinforcing what we needed to do.

Katie goes back in two weeks. All prayers would be highly appreciated.

Here she is with my middle/high school friend Andrea's son Daniel.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Back to Scrapping

I decided to get back into scrapping and do it digitally. It seems hard to find time to bring out all my scrapping gear to do it on paper. I still want to do some paper scrapping as I think it would be fun to do with the girls. (like we used to)

As for our family albums, I will now do them in book form. My friend Kelly made one on snapfish and it looks great!

I am going to use another program, but hope to get great results like she did. Here is one of my first pages.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Thank you Webkinz

I was browsing blogs and someone had this and of course my competitive nature made me give it a try. (the other person-I have no idea who is was- had a much, much higher score--I will be busy this week trying to up my score)

I have Lunch Letters (my 2nd favorite webkinz game) to thank for my typing ability.
74 words

Click to take the test

If you have a blog try it. It is fun!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hillbilly Night

My parents love to plan themed dinners. We have done many goofy ones in the past and Friday night we had the joy of Hillbilly Night.

Here we are with our young-uns.

Katie lost a few freckles as the night wore on. She was such a cute little hillbilly girl.

Our cousins Terry and Rachel are visiting from Michigan.
Terry is a little bit like my mom. Those who know them know what I mean . Yikes! :)
Grandma June and some of her many Great Granchildren

It was a fun night and I'm sure it won't be our last. Mark is pushing for a holiday night next. He has some great ideas! Sounds fun to me!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Clay Class

The girls have been going to Pottery Classes and loving it! This week they got to try out the pottery wheels. They both agreed that it is a lot harder than it looks.

Sidenote-I bought the bandana Sarah is wearing from Wal-Mart for $1. I stuck it in her Easter basket and WOW that thing has got some use. She wears it as a headband, bandana, scarf, shirt and sometimes uses it for a doll. Very versatile!

Emily kept her hands so still. She did a great job!

This is Miss Teri. We hear about her a lot at our house. She had hurt her hand and didn't know if they would get to do the wheel this week. Sarah made sure we prayed for her at every prayer time.

Our friends the Huxleys were with us. It was fun for the 4 girls to do this together.
Ty didn't usually get to go into the studio. Something about clay pots and 2 year olds didn't seem right. He loved being there and the girls let him play with their clay too. He didn't make anything, but loved being with his big sisters!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Wonderful Sunday

What a wonderful day! Emily said at dinner tonight, "This is one of the best days I have ever had! " She has been saying that a lot lately. Makes me happy to hear it!
Here we are after church. Katie was dedicated at the start of the morning service....right along side her '08 buddies. The moms are having so much fun with our 4 little ones so close in age. Wouldn't it be cool if they were all still friends throughout their school years.
Carter and Joey also joined in for the dedication. 6 little ones in all!

Katie 9/11, Lucas 9/15, Chloe, 9/19, Nate 10/16

Please note Katie is the only one looking at the camera. :)

Just teasing!

The next order of business (after preaching) was Sarah getting baptized! Yeah, Sarah! She has been wanting to do this for awhile and we finally were able to coordinate it. We are so proud of her and the decisions she is making for the Lord! Here she is just before heading into the water. She packed her bag with a bathing suit, towel and everything. I wish I would have taken a picture last night of all of her things on her dresser. Sarah is becoming a very neat girl. She had everything laid out for church, right down to her hairbow and shoes and socks.

Our family -Sunday Morning. We were happy to have my Uncle Chuck and Aunt Florence with us at the service. They are such an important part of our lives and it is nice to share special days with them.

After church we brought 4 of the girls' friends with us to meet the family at Cici's Pizza. Randy's family also went out to eat and Denise and Marc and my cousin June, her husband Albert and their daughter Juniper. We took up 1/4 of the Cici's dining room! It was nice to catch up with everyone and just be together.

When we got home we had a great time playing with the Roberts kids. They are loads of fun!

homeschool picnic

We are lucky to have a great group of homeschoolers at our church. We have been getting together every other week ...well that has turned into every week meet at the Park for a picnic. The kids play kickball, football, dig in the sand, jumprope and whatever else suits them. The ladies enjoy the time of fellowship and sharing new ideas. Sometimes Mark and Corey (another Dad) join us too.

Here is our group from this past Thursday. We were missing a couple of families. This Friday we are meeting up again. Emily and Sarah are excited because Josh, Beth and Brenna will get to come too.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Awesome Big Sister

Emily is great in the role of Eldest Child. The relationship she is building with Ty is really sweet to see. One of his favorite places to play is Emily's room. She is so good about giving him special things to do. Oftentimes I will find him sitting on her bed looking through all of her beads. He loves intricate little things and has been teaching him to sit down to look at them and then put them back away when he is done.

He also loves her magnet board and all of her magnets.
He really admires and looks up to her.

Here he is calling into her room. Mimee, Mimme. You can see he has his cup and Mickey bag filled with cars. He was probably hoping to get some Emily playtime.

Cross Contamination

I have a strong belief against cross contamination of toys. Little People people play with other Little people people. Sweet streets hang out together. It appears Ty didn't get the memo. Matchbox cars and the Little People garage do not mix. much for the little guy to learn!