Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hillbilly Night

My parents love to plan themed dinners. We have done many goofy ones in the past and Friday night we had the joy of Hillbilly Night.

Here we are with our young-uns.

Katie lost a few freckles as the night wore on. She was such a cute little hillbilly girl.

Our cousins Terry and Rachel are visiting from Michigan.
Terry is a little bit like my mom. Those who know them know what I mean . Yikes! :)
Grandma June and some of her many Great Granchildren

It was a fun night and I'm sure it won't be our last. Mark is pushing for a holiday night next. He has some great ideas! Sounds fun to me!

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Sherry said...

Ya'all look sa cute. We had a great time. Thanks for puttin' up with me and joinin' in.
luv ya,