Sunday, April 6, 2008

Wonderful Sunday

What a wonderful day! Emily said at dinner tonight, "This is one of the best days I have ever had! " She has been saying that a lot lately. Makes me happy to hear it!
Here we are after church. Katie was dedicated at the start of the morning service....right along side her '08 buddies. The moms are having so much fun with our 4 little ones so close in age. Wouldn't it be cool if they were all still friends throughout their school years.
Carter and Joey also joined in for the dedication. 6 little ones in all!

Katie 9/11, Lucas 9/15, Chloe, 9/19, Nate 10/16

Please note Katie is the only one looking at the camera. :)

Just teasing!

The next order of business (after preaching) was Sarah getting baptized! Yeah, Sarah! She has been wanting to do this for awhile and we finally were able to coordinate it. We are so proud of her and the decisions she is making for the Lord! Here she is just before heading into the water. She packed her bag with a bathing suit, towel and everything. I wish I would have taken a picture last night of all of her things on her dresser. Sarah is becoming a very neat girl. She had everything laid out for church, right down to her hairbow and shoes and socks.

Our family -Sunday Morning. We were happy to have my Uncle Chuck and Aunt Florence with us at the service. They are such an important part of our lives and it is nice to share special days with them.

After church we brought 4 of the girls' friends with us to meet the family at Cici's Pizza. Randy's family also went out to eat and Denise and Marc and my cousin June, her husband Albert and their daughter Juniper. We took up 1/4 of the Cici's dining room! It was nice to catch up with everyone and just be together.

When we got home we had a great time playing with the Roberts kids. They are loads of fun!


oodrea1221 said...

WOW...YOU GO SARAH! Showing your sister what it means to be dedicated to our Lord on the day she is too! YOU ROCK! I can't wait to see you this coming week. It will be so nice to catch up with all of you.


ps...LOVED the matching outfits on the dedicated 4! TOO COOL!

kellyd said...

Love the pictures Tabitha!! That was so much fun to plan..wasn't it?

And Sarah..It was such a joy for us to be present at your baptism. What a wonderful day it was for you and your family!!! We are so happy for you!! :)

---the driskells

Kathi said...

Congrats on Getting baptized Sarah! What an awesome decision you have made.

Loved the matching oufits on the four babies...too cute. Poor Katie, thinks you have a canon growing out of your eyeball... Probably what Sweet Pea thinks of me.

:) Kathi

Kari B. said...

Okay, so I'm late looking at everyone's blog... but I have the same thoughts, WOW. You are really having a great time with your kids and they will shine (as they do already) and grow to cherish their childhood. I know that having had great experiences as a child is what allows me the ability to reach out to others, to be a risk taker and grounds my faith. You friend Kelly's baby is adorable. I looked at her blog and enjoyed it. Didn't leave a comment not wanting her to think, "Who is the world...") but then I remember you have Mark and they like him right? :) I'll probably leave a comment next time. -kari

Sherry said...

Praise the Lord for my family. Loved the baby dedication. I need a copy of the 4 babies pix...all of mine one of them is doing something.

Way to go Sarah. I am so proud of you. Love Grandma