Sunday, June 29, 2008

a long way from home...

I have tried to blog while on vacation and while the thumb of Michigan has great scenery for pictures, the trees block most of our internet connection.

We are having a great time and are hoping to fit in all that we still have planned.

Just a fun little tidbit...

We wanted some ice cream so we stopped by the country market in a small town on our way to the camp we are staying at. The man next to us left his truck running and ran into town. That wouldn't happen in Fort Myers.

Two men were chatting outside Walmart in Caro, Michigan. I was casually standing there waiting for Mark. One of the men used the 'f' word in his story. As soon as he noticed I was there he apologized to me for his language. You wouldn't hear that at home.

I just don't understand how some people survive when they are literally 50-100 miles from TARGET! How do they do it?

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Emily is my techy girl. I love to see her on the computer visiting neat websites. Her current favorite site is Brain Pop. It is really neat educational website.

One time she found this problem solving site. It was made by Chinese people and is really cool. She got me addicted to it and we solved many of the puzzles. We made a great team!

We also consider her to be the master of Sims. When Sarah needs help she always ask Emily. It amazes me when I see some of the houses they make. I think I need to observe them and pick up a few good design tips. They are also good at keeping their people alive. ( I once 'lost' one of my people when I let him use the fireworks/rocket launcher inside the house. Oops.)

Funny Sims story--If you are a Sims player you would understand the humor in this one. One day Emily was playing and she kept getting upset with her people. She was so frustrated because they were starving and wouldn't eat. Finally she asked me to look at it and we laughed when we saw she hadn't put in a door to the kitchen. That is something I would do!

We are both looking forward to some of the adventures we have planned for our upcoming vacation. She likes historical sites like I do, so it should be loads of fun.

Happy Birthday Carter!

This Saturday we had a great time at Carter's 3rd Birthday Party. It was on his actual birthday which I think is cool. It was a pool party and lots of friends were there. We had a great time visiting and hanging out.

The birthday boy is telling me he's 3! It happened mid-bite, but I took it anyway.
Here are most of the kid. Logan and two other boys had to leave before the group shot. I don't know if Kelly planned this, but I insisted. (Kelly, thanks for letting me get my photo fill for the day. :) )
I just like this shot. Katie is giving me the Huh? look. She looks kinda small next to the big guys.
I have a lot of pictures of Bryce. He likes to get the picture taken and then look at himself in the camera. This is the must do for any little kid party. --a picture with icing on the face.

Thank you Jeremy and Kelly~~ We had a great time!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I can't believe she will be 9 months old tomorrow. She is really getting big now. It seems like all of a sudden she started to beef up. She still is an army crawler. She pulls up everywhere, but doesn't take too many tumbles. She is pretty cautious. She says dadadadada, no mamamama has been uttered yet. Loves to chase down her sisters and brother. Has recently decided that she doesn't do baby food. She wants what we are eating and ate all my peas tonight. (thank you, katie).

We love her so much. She will be 1 in 3 short months. Time to plan the party. I love 1st birthday parties! :)

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Saturday was my birthday, so I got to pick what we did for the day. I choose the beach. Last time we were there we saw 2 girls with a boat like this one. Emily and Sarah (and Mark) wanted to use it so badly. We picked one up for them to use. I can tell it will get a lot of use this summer.

Sarah and Ty and I dug a deep playpen..I mean hole. Katie loved trying to climb out of it. Poor kid was soooo sandy by the time we left, but it didn't seem to both her. I buried Sarah in the hole and Katie enjoyed having a captive audience.
Portrait of Emily, Dad and Sarah. Aren't they cute? :)

For dinner, we went to Red Robin. We had a good time and good conversation. Everyone enjoyed the meal, except Ty. He was positive that they forgot his French Fries. They serve thick steak fries and Ty kept saying --Those aren't fries. I need fries. We stopped at McDonald on the way home for some real fries for him.

The best part was when we were leaving. The lady at the table next to us came over and told me it was a pleasure to dine near our family. She said they see so many families where the kids run wild in the restaurant and she noticied how well behaved our children were. This was such a pleasure to hear. The kids were really good. Mark on the other hand spilled his glass of water all over the table. I'm still working on him. :)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Red Box

Mark discovered Red Box DVD Rentals at our Walmart and we are hooked. If you haven't seen it, you should check it out.

It looks like a vending machine and you can rent DVD's for $1. We picked up one tonight and it is due back tomorrow by 9pm. Great deal if you live close enough to stop in and drop it off. Our Walmart is just 3 miles away so it works out great!

Click Red Box and you can check it out. Red Box

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Monkey Bread

Sarah, Ty and I made Monkey Bread tonight. I remember making this with my Mammaw when I was little. We called her to let us know what we were doing. She was wishing she was here to enjoy it with us.

They had fun shaking up the bread pieces in the bag.

Our results were very yummy!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Summer list

I will join Kami in the summer list. Hopefully, by making it public it will get fully done.

1. Plan 1st semester of school.
2. Complete digital scrapbook for 1/08-6/08.
3. Make pajama pants with/for Emily and Sarah. (bought the fabric and pattern next year, but haven't used it yet.)
4. Convince Ty that he doesn't like to wear diapers and that he would like underwear.

I think that should do it. 1 and 3 will happen. I would love to see #2 get done. #4...well at some point in life this will be achieved. :) He has no problem going to the bathroom in the toilet, just won't wear underwear when he is done. All in due time! :)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Unexpected Surprises

Last week, Mark, Emily, Sarah and Ty came home with roses for me. I love little unexpected surprises like this.

They told me they went in to get me a dozen and they were running a special if you bought 3 dozen. They decided to do that and gave me one dozen, my Grandma June 1 dozes and Sarah took one dozen to Ms. Boggess her 1st grade teacher for the beginning of the school year.

It is so nice to be appreciated.