Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Summer list

I will join Kami in the summer list. Hopefully, by making it public it will get fully done.

1. Plan 1st semester of school.
2. Complete digital scrapbook for 1/08-6/08.
3. Make pajama pants with/for Emily and Sarah. (bought the fabric and pattern next year, but haven't used it yet.)
4. Convince Ty that he doesn't like to wear diapers and that he would like underwear.

I think that should do it. 1 and 3 will happen. I would love to see #2 get done. #4...well at some point in life this will be achieved. :) He has no problem going to the bathroom in the toilet, just won't wear underwear when he is done. All in due time! :)


carole said...

How do you get " verse a day " to appear on your blog? How are you doing on your Bible reading? Have you looked at that list I gave you at Cedar Point? I use it alot. Yes, The therapy is almost fun... and now Kathy ( Sower ) wants to join me. She walks with 2 canes as she was born without hip sockets... so I do better then she. We have a lot of fun together working and talking... She just got married a year ago April.. She is a year older then me.... Garage Saling tomorrow in place of work... But still have lots of chairs to wash... Suppose to be 90 tomorrow but some rain.... Maybe I'll make a " to do " list.. But I always have one anyway.. Wondr where Mark gets that...MOM

kellyd said...

Great goals. I actually just broke out the old sewing machine yesterday to hem some curtains. It took me 3 hours!!! And all I did was hem the bottoms!!! But I'm sure your a better seamstress than I am, so I'm sure your project will go a lot smoother :)

Hope you're doing well!


oodrea1221 said...

Can other people see your digital scrapbook? I want to see! Good goals...I'll have to think about what mine are...and do that find 5 things that make you smile thing. I walked ALL 4 kids to the library and they are ALL still sleeping...I LOVE NAP TIME! Good luck with the potty will happen in his time (Ty's, not God's...well, maybe both)! Haha...andrea