Thursday, June 5, 2008

Monkey Bread

Sarah, Ty and I made Monkey Bread tonight. I remember making this with my Mammaw when I was little. We called her to let us know what we were doing. She was wishing she was here to enjoy it with us.

They had fun shaking up the bread pieces in the bag.

Our results were very yummy!


kellyd said...

That looks like fun (and yummy). Do you think you could give me the recipe? We've been crafting more at our house, so this would be a good little project. And we get to eat it in the end; can't get much better than that:)


Tabitha Dillehay said...

Hi Kelly,

Here is the website.

I came across this ladies blog from a message board that I read. When I saw the monkey bread I knew the kids would like it. The whole bag shaking thing was loads of fun! :)


oodrea1221 said...

We made this from a mix someone gave me (from one of those stores, that sells houseware and other things--can't think of it at the moment!) was fun and yummy...thanks for the link to make it again!

I'm going to make my summer list...good time to do it, b/c I'm upstairs and can't post pics, but can still post...instead of Wordless Wednesday, it'll be like Picless Friday! I like how you can click on your titles and read the comments... how did you do that?