Sunday, June 15, 2008


Emily is my techy girl. I love to see her on the computer visiting neat websites. Her current favorite site is Brain Pop. It is really neat educational website.

One time she found this problem solving site. It was made by Chinese people and is really cool. She got me addicted to it and we solved many of the puzzles. We made a great team!

We also consider her to be the master of Sims. When Sarah needs help she always ask Emily. It amazes me when I see some of the houses they make. I think I need to observe them and pick up a few good design tips. They are also good at keeping their people alive. ( I once 'lost' one of my people when I let him use the fireworks/rocket launcher inside the house. Oops.)

Funny Sims story--If you are a Sims player you would understand the humor in this one. One day Emily was playing and she kept getting upset with her people. She was so frustrated because they were starving and wouldn't eat. Finally she asked me to look at it and we laughed when we saw she hadn't put in a door to the kitchen. That is something I would do!

We are both looking forward to some of the adventures we have planned for our upcoming vacation. She likes historical sites like I do, so it should be loads of fun.


T.Mark.D. said...


You are my little girl.
I remember when you were not 4 years old and you said "no the icon at the top dad". Can youteach me a few things before you take over my job at FLVS?


oodrea1221 said...

So awesome Tab! She is beautiful...thanks for sharing special thoughts about your first born!

Loved the party pics!

I hope you all have a great time on your trip. You'll be in our prayers-- esp while you're alone with the kids. ENJOY DC!

Happy Trails!