Friday, July 3, 2009

King's Kids trip to Wannado City

This Wednesday I had the special treat of taking 6 wonderful King's Kids from our church to Wannado City in Fort Lauderdale. The kids had a chance to earn the trip by passing 12 sections in March, April and May. The books are very challenging and sometimes (depending on the book) one section can be 7-8 verses. Each of these kids worked very hard to get to go on the trip. The kids who went were: Emily, Sarah, Brooke, William, Kevin and Ethan. Originally, I planned on going by myself, but Brooke's mom, my friend Jenna, decided to join me. We had such a good time. We talked and talked the whole way there and the trip went by sooo fast!

This was Emily and Sarah's 4th visit, but we still found many new things to do. This is the acting studio. They video the kids and tell them what to do and then we had to come back later to see the video. The video was of them being chased by candy through a candy factory.
We tried to get all of them to do things together, but eventually it was eaiser to split in groups and let everyone pick what they wanted to do. This was our first activity, the fire station.

For lunch the kids made their own pizza.

The Crime Lab was great! Kevin solved many, many crimes during the day. I would definetly say it was his favorite.
Sarah wants to be a cashier someday, so she was thrilled with her position at Publix.

When the kids do jobs they earn Wongas. They can spend the Wongas to do different things. For 60 Wongas they can go rock climbing. William spent alot of money here!

We saved money by coming as a Birthday Party. It was a nice break to sit down and have cake.
The girls at the nursery
Ethan as a police officer.

Emily, Sarah and Brooke loved the acting studio. Brooke also was chose to be one of the models for the modeling studio. She did great!

Emily as the rather mean Queen of Hearts. "Off with her head!"

I'm so glad I got to take the kids on this treat. It was nice to reward them for their hard work. I always suggest for people to take their kids here because it is so much fun. As Kevin put it, "This place is like a piece of Kid Heaven."