Thursday, January 29, 2009

Family Time at the Park

We have company visitng from Michigan. That is always a good time to get to the park. I'm already looking forward to the time change. I hate it that it is dark by 630.

I guess I didn't bring enough toys. Katie resorted to using her shoe for entertainment.
Robin bought Mammaw the Corn Hole game for her birthday. We are having a great time with it.

Ty in Katie's car. The whole pink is for girls means nothing to him! He loved having Kaylie push him around. Thank you Kaylie.

This was Silas' first visit to the park with all of us. I think he had a blast!

Nema and Dick have been enjoying their time on Fort Myers Beach. They leave on Saturday to return to the snowy state of Michigan.
Jonathan is getting so tall! Makes Keela look like a shorty.
Hannah is also visiting from Michigan. She is enjoying going to the beach every morning. Glad we got a chance to visit and catch up.
I just really like this snapshot of my Dad and Ty. I caught them throwing sand at each other. My first thought was to tell Ty to quit throwing sand, but if Grandpa is doing it too do I tell Grandpa to quit? They have a lot of fun together.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Aunt Kristy's Visit

Aunt Kristy was here to visit for about 3 weeks. We had a wonderful time and all of us are missing her already. I think having someone in your house for 3 weeks could be a little crazy, but not with Kristy. All the kids adore her. She was a huge help around the house. (I think I will have to start doing laudry again!) She changed more than her share of diapers and is just plain fun to be around.

Thanks for visiting! We love you!

I know I have been out of the blogging loop lately. With being on the computer so much for work, I just needed a break from all other things digital. Now off to check up on everyone's blog.