Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mark & Jonathan are watching 3-D

Hey Guys.

This is Mark on Tab's blog. You know when they ask if you want windows to remember your password on this comnputer? You might want to say NO!

Jonathan, Kiara, Kaili, Sarah, Emily, Ty, and I are watching the Hannah Special. These are the 3-D glasses Walmart was giving out today to watch portions of the show. Ty and Kiara would yell when the items came flying off the screen and getting them !

Why are we in charge tonight? Where are their mothers?


Monday, July 21, 2008


I have been wanting to do this watermelon eating picture for awhile. We even bought watermelon twice in Michigan with the intention of doing it. Well finally this morning we went out and got the picture.

And of course, our other 3 wonderful watermelon eaters.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sarah the note writer

Sarah has such a compassionate heart. We all have tons of notes and letters and cards that she will leave us. Last night before bed, Emily found this piece of paper and a gift of dangly earrings from Sarah. Now Sarah could have just said, "Here Emily want these?" But instead she attached them to the paper and gave them that way. This just makes me smile.

Sometimes I will be working at my computer and on the phone and she will slide a little note to me that says she loves me or that I am the best mom. I have them stashed all over my office so I can see them at different times. They are great pick me ups.

While Emily was cleaning her room she started making a pile of pictures and notes from Sarah. She found a huge stack.

Thank you, Sarah! We appreciate the way you show us you care.

Pool Time

How to have a pool party when you don't have a pool--

1. Decide you want to go for a swim.
2. Call family member of non-pool owner and suggest a pool party. Family member agrees.
3. Call pool-owner and invite them to pool party and hope they will agree as you already made the plans.
4. Suggest pool owner call other family memebers and invite them to the party. (After all it is their pool.)
5. Gather at pool for party.

Thank you for sharing, Randy and Tay.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Kit Kittredge

My mom took the girls to see the new American Girl movie. Kit Kittredge
They all thought it was great.
Emily and Sarah were excited to wear outfits that matched their American Girl dolls.

Thanks Grandma for a fun day!

Upward Cheerleading

Today was a first for me. This is the first time I have went to a basketball game and watch something other than the game. Gasp! :)

Emily and Sarah are cheerleading with the Upward program at McGregor Baptist Church. It is a Christian Organization that does different sports and cheerleading. The girls did a great job! They start off with a huge prayer circle before the game.

Sarah practices her cheers a lot. I think we will all know them soon.
Emily's group does a bit more advanced cheers with more motions. I impressed with how quickly Emily picks them up. I think I would fumble up all the hand motions, but she did great.

They have 7 more weeks of games to cheer at. If you are in the area and would like to come, let us know. It is a fun way to spend Saturday morning.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Our Summer Vacation

We just returned from one of our best vacations yet! We got to visit some neat places and see loads of family.

I debated if I wanted to blog everything, or just do a quick recap. After I started seeing all of the great photos of people and things we did...I knew I wanted to do a lot ofposts.

This 'recap' is very long. You will have to go back many pages to catch all 22 posts! I am trying not to be too wordy, but the pics take of space. If you don't want to know the ins and outs of our last 2 weeks and 6 days, then feel free to come back another time. :)

We started off in Daytona Beach. Mark had to be there for a conference for work for 2 days and then fly to Baltimore. We decided to have me and the kids leave Daytona and drive up to meet him in Baltimore. It was a long drive, but we found fun things to do along the way.

Washington DC Part 1

DC is a great family place because so much of what you see and do is free! The expensive part is transportation, food and lodging. Luckily we were just passing through and didn't have to spend too much. The kids enjoyed riding the Metro Rail into the city.
While Ty and Katie slept, the girls and I enjoyed a picnic in the heart of the city. The hotdog stands are great.. and pretty cheap!
Sarah loves Abraham Lincoln. She wouldn't look up at the monument until she got right up to him. I thought she was going to cry, she was so excited.

Washington DC Part 2

Just having some photography fun!

While I was taking Emily's picture, Sarah showed Ty what to do. He was so excited.
Katie didn't get in a lot of photos, because she thought dc was a great place to sleep! This is her 'I was really there shot.'

A quick stop in Baltimore

We met Mark in Baltimore and got a chance to stay right downtown. He needed to be close to the subway in case he had to ride that to his conference.
After driving in from DC we were exhausted and Mark wasn't back yet. I went downstairs to the Hotel Restaurant and was greeted by the Host. It was a very fancy place. He gave me a smile and looked at my adoreable crew (1 in just a diaper). I asked if there was a place to eat nearby that was more kid friendly. There wasn't anything nearby, so we ordered a pizza for room service. The kids loved it!
The next day we went to TheBaltimore Children's Museum. It was a neat place and the kids had fun running around.
Here they are at a Robot building area.

Hershey, PA

After we picked up Mark, we headed to Hershey. This is a great free factory tour. If you are ever in the area we highly suggest a visit.

Visiting with Family

We had a nice visit with our Canton family, but as usual our time went by too fast. We didn't get to visit with some friends in the area, but wish we could have.

We always take this picture when we are at Robin and Mammaw's church.
It was fun to spend time with Shaun, Mary, Ethan and Sadie. I enjoy doing things with Mary, even if she beats me at ....? .....? :) Just kidding. We introduced her to the game Blokus and I think she is hooked.
Ty buddied up with Gary and Joann.
I like how he is giving a hug to Mammaw. He had a great time running around her yard and house. I wonder if it will ever be the same!

Tigers Game

At the last minute we decided to go to a Tigers Game. Mark bought tickets off Ebay and we sat in the bleachers. I have always wanted Bleacher seats. I think I have converted Robin!
Ty wasn't really into the game, but he loved the fan Robin had from the $1 store. Katie was very good for her first ball game.

Visiting with Relatives

Mammaw gave Katie her first ice cream cone and she loved it. We brought Blokus to the Tuesday night picnic and they loved it. I didn't think it would be possible to infiltrate their game time, but we did.
Ty loved roaming around the park and finding fun things to do.
Ty likes to pretend Katie is his dog. He tucks the belt in the back of her shirt and calls her doggy. She is not a big fan of the game.

Heman's Camp

The girls had a great time at Heman's Camp with Grandpa, Grandma, Jessica, Elizabeth and Bekie. They loved riding their bikes, going to Bible School, going to the camp services, the candy store, frogs and just havind freedom! This is their final Bible School program. They showd us some verses and songs they learned.
They had a noise parade to call everyone into the Tabernacle
We brought the water slide down for the kids to use on the last day of Bible School.