Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Parlour and Balloon Festival

We went to Battle Creek on the way to the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Battle Creek. As we were getting off the exit Mark called. (We drove 2 cars to fit our family and Mammaw and Robin. We are one seat short in our van.) Mark wanted us to call Terri and family to see if they would meet us at Loud's/Jackson All Star Dairy/ The Parlour (it has been called many things).

We didn't have her number, so we called my mom and asked her to give Terri a quick call. She had to leave a message, so we didn't expect to see her.

When we got out of the van...there she was. Terri wasn't expecting us, but had stopped by to get an ice cream by herself and was shocked to see us there. Hannah also stopped by and we had a fun time chatting and enjoying way too much ice cream.

We found a nice spot to enjoy the balloons and some yummy snacks. I think we saw 24 in the sky at one time. Sarah enjoyed counting all of them.

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