Tuesday, July 8, 2008

American Girl Store

The last part of our trip was visiting the American Girl Store in Atlanta. For those of you that don't know, Sarah loves Addy from American Girl. She has read almost all of her books and loves to learn more about slavery times. She has been saving money to buy Addy and earned it just before we left. We promised her we would stop on the way home to pick her up.

Mark took the two little ones for a stroll around the mall so that Emily, Sarah and I could enjoy ourselves.

Here we are at the cafe. We just had dessert. They have the cutest little highchairs for the dolls.
Emily saved up money to get Felicity's hair styled. The salon was a busy place.
Sarah and Addy. Together at last!

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Kami said...

Wow! Way to go Sarah! I love the Addy books too! Beth has been wanting to get Elisabeth's hair done. It seems her tangled hair easily gets messy.