Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sarah the note writer

Sarah has such a compassionate heart. We all have tons of notes and letters and cards that she will leave us. Last night before bed, Emily found this piece of paper and a gift of dangly earrings from Sarah. Now Sarah could have just said, "Here Emily want these?" But instead she attached them to the paper and gave them that way. This just makes me smile.

Sometimes I will be working at my computer and on the phone and she will slide a little note to me that says she loves me or that I am the best mom. I have them stashed all over my office so I can see them at different times. They are great pick me ups.

While Emily was cleaning her room she started making a pile of pictures and notes from Sarah. She found a huge stack.

Thank you, Sarah! We appreciate the way you show us you care.


carole said...

Yes Sarah is a note writer.. I remember when I was visiting with you in New York City and Sarah left me a note in my suitcase...What a nice characteristic to have... MOM

Kami said...

What a sweetie Sarah is...I love you, Sarah!
Aunt Kami

Sherry said...

I love and cherish all my notes from Sarah. Thank you Sarah,

Love, Grandma

oodrea1221 said...

So sweet...know you're doing something right when you've raised such a compasionate child! I LOVE the watermelon pics and the pool ones...I have 5-6 days worth of blogs I have to get to...there is always tomorrow!

Chat soon,

Tabitha Dillehay said...

Thanks Mom for putting that post
up about me.I LOVE YOU.