Sunday, June 28, 2009

broken finger

Sarah broke her finger playing (of all things) hide and seek. Apparently, she is quite the agressive hider!

Intially she was excited, but a cast in the summer is not a fun thing. Here she is wrapped up to swim at G and G's house. Mark had bought a new snorkel and mask and Sarah was determined to use it. Of course she had her arm poking up in the air while her head underwater. It was quite a sight!

She is drinking from a Chuck E Cheese cup that we got on Friday. Sarah and I enjoyed a mommy/daughter date. We had planned on going to Miniature golf, but the rain led us to Chuck E Cheese. We had a great time trying to beat each other in tickets. In the end, she won!
We pray that the next 3 weeks go quickly for Sarah.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Emily at camp

Emily left yesterday morning for Venture of Faith Junior Camp in Georgia. She was so excited to go to camp this year. Three of her good friends went too and I know she will have a blast! The female counselor, Nicole, was one of the campers when I went as a counselor to Venture of Faith. We had a great time and I know she will have fun with the girls. We miss her, but glad she is getting the chance to go.

I have great memories of going to Teen Camp, but never had the chance to attend Junior Camp. Mark loves Junior Camp because he was saved while attending Junior Camp at Covenant Hills in Otisville, MI.

I pray that she will be blessed spiritually while at camp and make lifelong decisions for the Lord. We love you, Emily!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Ty and Katie

Ty was so excited when we got the blocks out this week. He loves to build and especially likes to knock them down too. Katie loves to copy her brother!
Matching Towers by mom

I asked for a hugging picture and this is what I get.
This time I said to hug gently. They just think that is too funny.

I tried to get a casual hug, but Ty just couldn't figure out why Katie is looking up. He kept asking her,"Katie, why you looking up?"

Ty showing off his letter T. Katie still in peek a boo picture mode.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

birthday and stuff

I had a very nice birthday thanks to my wondeful family! The day before we celebrated with my parents, Grandma June and Tay, Randy and fam. (Keela and William were invited, but they were already busy with a motorcycle ride.) :)
We have really enjoyed our backyard lately. It is so nice in the evening when there is shade enough to relax.
4 generations

On my actual birthday, (no pictures oops) we went to Mark's parents house after church. They fixed a delicious meal. Ribs on the grill, yum! Elizabeth even made yummy cupcakes. We swam for the rest of the afternoon before heading back to church. It was a great day.

We have found our new favorite place to go. Caspersen Beach in Venice.
We have been twice in the past week and a half.
The first time if was just our 6. We brought our boat and the waves were perfect for it. Here Sarah is riding with a boy that became our buddy.

Katie enjoyed the sand. She has a knack for putting sand in every possible place. So special.
Poses by Ty.

Emily loves looking for shark's teeth. She has a great eye for it.

For our 2nd trip, Mom and Dad Dillehay and Elizabeth joined us. After the beach we went to Dutch Heritage for a delicious Amish buffet. Elizabeth bought a huge jawbreaker. It may look big, but it fits! :)

Aunt Mary lives nearby and joined us for the meal. It was good to visit with her.

Ty 's buddy Miciah (Or Ciah as Ty calls him) is moving away. His Dad is going to be an Army Chaplain. We got to have Miciah over to play for a bit before they have to leave. We are going to miss Miciah and his family.

Today we went over to swim at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Chandler and Holly joined us. I think we are off to a very fun, wet summer. Loving it!

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