Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Emily at camp

Emily left yesterday morning for Venture of Faith Junior Camp in Georgia. She was so excited to go to camp this year. Three of her good friends went too and I know she will have a blast! The female counselor, Nicole, was one of the campers when I went as a counselor to Venture of Faith. We had a great time and I know she will have fun with the girls. We miss her, but glad she is getting the chance to go.

I have great memories of going to Teen Camp, but never had the chance to attend Junior Camp. Mark loves Junior Camp because he was saved while attending Junior Camp at Covenant Hills in Otisville, MI.

I pray that she will be blessed spiritually while at camp and make lifelong decisions for the Lord. We love you, Emily!

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Sherry said...

Tab, when did she grow up??? Kiara Kaylie and I were just looking at a photo album and it had the photos of when Emily was born. They can't wait when they get bigger to go to camp like Emily.
She is going to have a wonderful time. She is such a blessing to be with and talks so grownup. I am so proud of her.
Love, MOM/Grandma