Sunday, June 28, 2009

broken finger

Sarah broke her finger playing (of all things) hide and seek. Apparently, she is quite the agressive hider!

Intially she was excited, but a cast in the summer is not a fun thing. Here she is wrapped up to swim at G and G's house. Mark had bought a new snorkel and mask and Sarah was determined to use it. Of course she had her arm poking up in the air while her head underwater. It was quite a sight!

She is drinking from a Chuck E Cheese cup that we got on Friday. Sarah and I enjoyed a mommy/daughter date. We had planned on going to Miniature golf, but the rain led us to Chuck E Cheese. We had a great time trying to beat each other in tickets. In the end, she won!
We pray that the next 3 weeks go quickly for Sarah.


carole said...

Hi Sarah.. looks like a fun summer in spite of the cast. We are traveling on our way to Colorado... We are outside of Chicago and plan to drive thru about midnight... scary huh!!!!! Grandpa's knee is getting better but still painful and he limps some....sorry about your finger...follow us on the map.. plan tomorrow to be on 80 across Iowa west...Grams

Anonymous said...

HI Sarah,
I'm so sorry to hear about your fingers. We will be praying for you.


Mrs. Huxley

amy said...

Hide and seek can be very dangerous. That's a pretty big cast. I hope it heals perfectly.