Friday, December 10, 2010

Fun Getaway!

We just got back from a fun, but quick getaway. Started off by going to see the Christmas Show at Word of Life in Hudson, FL. It was a new show and just as wonderful as years past. Then we drove to a Tree Farm and cut down our Christmas Tree. We hadn't told the kids about this ahead of time and they were just thrilled. At this place we got to ride on a hayride, find a tree, cut down a tree, ride a horse/pony, eat yummy kettle corn, go through a maze, ride a zipline and ride a train. After that we went to our hotel room. The next day we woke up to go to the ICE exhibit at Gaylord Palms. It was a chilly 9 degrees! The place was just gorgeous. Everything in there was ice including an ice slide, ice walls, ice snowman, ice santa and best of all a complete ice nativity scene. The place was beautiful, but very cold.

It was a wonderful time. I have always wanted to take our children out to cut down our tree. Sometimes as a parent I plan something and it becomes more about me, then about the memory with them. This wasn't one of those things. The kids were all so excited to pick out the perfect tree. Tomorrow we will decorate it.

I'm slowly, but surely working through my Christmas 2010 list. Here are some pics of our fun.

Friday, December 3, 2010

December To Do List 2010

Tay had a Christmas To Do List, so I wanted to have one too!

This December I plan to:

-take Christmas card photos and send out cards

-Run a December 5k (have one set up to run with a cousin in Boca Raton)

-quick trip to Tampa/Orlando for some holiday fun

-train ride

-Christmas shopping with Mark

-Christmas shopping with Mom

-red and green meal with kids

-keep up with our advent boxes

-Christmas cantata

-Make one homemade gift

-Drive Thru Nativity

I love this time of year and don't feel like the busy-ness takes over. I want my kids to always remember the fun stuff we plan and do for them, but most importantly the reason for this season.

I didn't want to post without some pictures.

Here is Mammaw with some of her favorite great grandkids. Her other favorites are the ones not pictured. :)

Last Sunday we went to Hod Rod Chili Drive In at the Diplomat Wesleyan Church. We were invited by Grandpa and Grandma D. We had fun looking at the old cars, playing games, face painting, free food and good fellowship.
Enjoying Grandpa's new car

Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey Trot 2010

This year we started off Thanksgiving by running the Turkey Trot in Cape Coral. I ran the 5k, Emily and Sarah the 1 mile and Ty and Katie did the Tot Trot.

I ran with Jenna, Kelly, Kelly and Tanya. It was such a nice way to start off Thanksgiving day. I am thankful for each of these good friends and so glad to have them as part of my life.

A cheering section is very important. I love starting off a fun and hearing, "Go Mommy!" My mom is always very supportive and loves to come cheer us on. The route was around my in-laws house. Two times while I was running I saw them waving and cheering. It was great! My wonderful father in law even heated up the hot tub for me to enjoy after race. It was over 100 degrees and so, so, so nice!

Emily, Sarah and Brooke in the 1 mile.

This is the start of 2nd heat of the Tot Trot. I am standing behind Ty and Logan. Ty is in his running stance. He practiced that many times to prepare for the day.

It is a little blurry, but you can still see the two cute little girls holding hands while running. Awww. (Katie and Chloe)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Katie turns 3!

Our little baby is growing up! Today was Katie's 3rd birthday! We celebrated all day.

This evening we had friends and family over for a puppy party.

Katie is such a wonderful child. Being our youngest, we try to treat her like the baby, but she always wants to be the big girl. As of late, she has started to sing a lot. Her favorites are the ABC song and This is the Day. She is a tough girl and defends herself well. Mark jokes that she will be a UFC fighter one day (I pray not) She enjoys doing things herself and likes to help those that are younger. Happy BirthdayKatie Jensen!

Katie at three:

-likes to be independent

-loves Charley and is learning not to pull his tail

-talks very well

-is potty trained (as of just 1 month ago)

-likes to jump off of things

-great at putting puzzles together

-loves to go to church and King's Kids

-eats broccoli, salad, veggies----ok, anything on mommy's plate

-likes to eat

-loves Team Umizoomi

-loves her brother and sisters

Her First Birthday!

Her 2nd Birthay

Her 3rd Birthday

Friday, September 3, 2010

catching up

I was without my computer for 1 week. It was torturously difficult, but we all survived! I am so grateful for the tech team at work. It is so nice to mail it off and get it back working in pristine condition.

We are so pleased with how school is going this year. I feel like we did a good job selecting curriculums that meet the needs of each of our kids. They are all challenged, but not overwhelemed. This is a very good thing.

Today, Emily, Sarah and I made homemade chia pets. I got the idea off of another blog. We hope they work.

Grandma was over visiting and enjoyed helping the kids with school. You can see that Charlie is on Emily's lap. He loves to take a long nap during school, that is if he can escape the clutches of Katie.

We were working on the letter i, so Sarah read a book about ice cream to Ty and Katie. After that they made ice cream cones and of course ate an ice cream sandwich. Emily and Sarah each have to read a book and plan an activity to do with Ty and Katie for the week. To start I am helping them plan the activites, but eventually they will be in charge of it all.

Our 4 kiddos before church. They all love to go to Sunday School and Church. I am very thankful for the wonderful, faithful Sunday School teachers that we have at our church.

Last week we had a Geo Trax party. We invited some friends with younger children over for dinner and a good time. The adults participated in a great game of Apples to Apples. Surprisingly, the most relucatant participant won. My Dad!
We had all of the geotrax set up and there were plently of other toys to play with, but I thought this picture was cute. Ty is demonstrating the awesomeness of the iphone to his friends. :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

one more

Katie wanted me to add this.


Katie loves to have her picture take....I mean Katie loves to look at the back of the camera to see herself after she has her picture taken.
She got a haircut this week. It looked so cute with no finger twirls so I had to snap a few shots. She sure has a lot of faces.