Saturday, September 11, 2010

Katie turns 3!

Our little baby is growing up! Today was Katie's 3rd birthday! We celebrated all day.

This evening we had friends and family over for a puppy party.

Katie is such a wonderful child. Being our youngest, we try to treat her like the baby, but she always wants to be the big girl. As of late, she has started to sing a lot. Her favorites are the ABC song and This is the Day. She is a tough girl and defends herself well. Mark jokes that she will be a UFC fighter one day (I pray not) She enjoys doing things herself and likes to help those that are younger. Happy BirthdayKatie Jensen!

Katie at three:

-likes to be independent

-loves Charley and is learning not to pull his tail

-talks very well

-is potty trained (as of just 1 month ago)

-likes to jump off of things

-great at putting puzzles together

-loves to go to church and King's Kids

-eats broccoli, salad, veggies----ok, anything on mommy's plate

-likes to eat

-loves Team Umizoomi

-loves her brother and sisters

Her First Birthday!

Her 2nd Birthay

Her 3rd Birthday


carole said...

She sure has grown ... hasn't she?? Thanks for inviting us to the party last night...

Sherry said...

WOW! she's growing up. Loved the party. I think all the kids loved it too. She sure is a Cutie!