Friday, September 3, 2010

catching up

I was without my computer for 1 week. It was torturously difficult, but we all survived! I am so grateful for the tech team at work. It is so nice to mail it off and get it back working in pristine condition.

We are so pleased with how school is going this year. I feel like we did a good job selecting curriculums that meet the needs of each of our kids. They are all challenged, but not overwhelemed. This is a very good thing.

Today, Emily, Sarah and I made homemade chia pets. I got the idea off of another blog. We hope they work.

Grandma was over visiting and enjoyed helping the kids with school. You can see that Charlie is on Emily's lap. He loves to take a long nap during school, that is if he can escape the clutches of Katie.

We were working on the letter i, so Sarah read a book about ice cream to Ty and Katie. After that they made ice cream cones and of course ate an ice cream sandwich. Emily and Sarah each have to read a book and plan an activity to do with Ty and Katie for the week. To start I am helping them plan the activites, but eventually they will be in charge of it all.

Our 4 kiddos before church. They all love to go to Sunday School and Church. I am very thankful for the wonderful, faithful Sunday School teachers that we have at our church.

Last week we had a Geo Trax party. We invited some friends with younger children over for dinner and a good time. The adults participated in a great game of Apples to Apples. Surprisingly, the most relucatant participant won. My Dad!
We had all of the geotrax set up and there were plently of other toys to play with, but I thought this picture was cute. Ty is demonstrating the awesomeness of the iphone to his friends. :)

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Sherry said...

Looks like school is going GREAT! You have some scholars on your hands. :-)
We had a great time at the Geo Trax Party. Love the picture of all the boys looking at the game on the I-Phone, Touch or whateve it is. :-) The kids loved it.