Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I can't believe she will be 9 months old tomorrow. She is really getting big now. It seems like all of a sudden she started to beef up. She still is an army crawler. She pulls up everywhere, but doesn't take too many tumbles. She is pretty cautious. She says dadadadada, no mamamama has been uttered yet. Loves to chase down her sisters and brother. Has recently decided that she doesn't do baby food. She wants what we are eating and ate all my peas tonight. (thank you, katie).

We love her so much. She will be 1 in 3 short months. Time to plan the party. I love 1st birthday parties! :)


Sherry said...

She is sooo Beautiful!! I can't believe she's already 9 months old (tomorow) Love the picture. Can I get an 8x10?

Yalr said...

Best pic I have Seen Can I get a 10 x 14 ?

carole said...

We sure enjoyed the beautiful picture of your beautiful girl!! Can we get a 4X6 for our album?? No room on the wall.of m.h.... What is her 1st party going to be??? I'm sure it will be great!!! MOM

Tabitha Dillehay said...

Yes, I will print pictures for Mom and Mom.

I have a special one from you. She is wearing her supersize bow. I know you like those. :)

oodrea1221 said...

Too funny that it's already time to start planning the 1st birthday party! Beautiful girl--beautiful pic--good eye Mommy!