Monday, April 21, 2008

Katie and Daddy

Mark isn't in these pictures, but can you tell Katie is looking at him. She has quite the thing for her Daddy! If she hears his voice she will crane her neck to find him and smile until he speaks to her.

On Saturday, Mark took her to get her ears pierced. He said she didn't even cry!


carole said...

Hi.. When did Kaie get her ears prierced ? Looks so cute!! I'm FINALLY finished with ALL the laundry and now Dad keeps saying 'when are you going to wash all our sheets and towels'??? I have washed over 200 swim suits.... Now I am busy trying to make a 8x10 pictures to give to all the Sowers with pictures of us all and date, etc....Only 2 more days!!! MOM

Sherry said...

She is BEAUTIFUL!! Love her smile.
Love, MOM