Friday, April 4, 2008

Cross Contamination

I have a strong belief against cross contamination of toys. Little People people play with other Little people people. Sweet streets hang out together. It appears Ty didn't get the memo. Matchbox cars and the Little People garage do not mix. much for the little guy to learn!


Kari B. said...

I know what you mean about that... my daycare kids just have no idea or care-why? I have little containers and everything so that they know where everything goes too. Oh well, I am learning that life is kind of mixed up and we are definately all different from each other and yet we play together. :) -kari

kellyd said...

Loved the post, Tabitha. I too, struggle with the same idea. Isn't it so cute that they just don't care about those small things?

I also loved the picture with Emily. I didn't realize how close she and Ty are. What a great big sister!!

christy said...

haha....know the feeling! we used to have big bins with all of shanes toys in a chaotic pile...then we got individual bins and seperated...people, cars, balls, get the idea....he is doing good and it's teaching some form of order with cleaning but every kid i've ever watched has loved nothing more than a big toy box filled with every imaginable kind of toy!