Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Our little Katie is stumping us. She isn't gaining weight like she should. From 4 months-7months she has only gained 5 ounces. She should have gained around 3 pounds. We are in 'Operation Beef up the Baby' for the next 2 weeks. Please pray that she will put on at least another 8 ounces during this time.

I took her in for a weight check on Monday and saw a different doctor. (One I am not too fond of) She was very concerned and threw out some crazy reasons why she wasn't gaining, all of which made us quite nervous.

I spoke with our doctor today (one I really like) and she took some time to discuss what could be going on and why we are concerned. She gaves us some good ideas of things to do to help her. None of these are things we didn't know, but she is just good about reminding and reinforcing what we needed to do.

Katie goes back in two weeks. All prayers would be highly appreciated.

Here she is with my middle/high school friend Andrea's son Daniel.


kellyd said...

We hope and pray that Katie improves on her weight, although we're sure she will be fine. If "Beef up the Baby" doesn't work, we can always try the "Nate Diet". It is quite affective but comes along with very fine print, which states, "Your child will need new clothes every week."
Anyways, we wish you the best!

oodrea1221 said...

I've been praying for Katie's weight gain and for you Tab... know that God is in control and he will carry you through this time (and don't worry about what the other doc said!). I LOVE this pic of Katie & Daniel... he is such a little flirt. Send some out, from our play date, when you get a chance. It was GREAT to see you... thanks for sitting in your van and talking with me... I needed that. Love ya, andrea

Sherry said...

We are praying for you Little Katie...and your Mom and Dad too.
We love you.
Love Grandma & Grandpa
I Peter 5:7

christy said...

from the looks of her legs i don't think you have anything to worry about! we will definately keep her at the top of our prayer list though. talk to my mom....i was always tiny and her dr. made her very comfortable....some doctors need to take a "tact" class :)