Monday, April 14, 2008

Back to Scrapping

I decided to get back into scrapping and do it digitally. It seems hard to find time to bring out all my scrapping gear to do it on paper. I still want to do some paper scrapping as I think it would be fun to do with the girls. (like we used to)

As for our family albums, I will now do them in book form. My friend Kelly made one on snapfish and it looks great!

I am going to use another program, but hope to get great results like she did. Here is one of my first pages.


carole said...

Tab.. Sounds like you are busy! Wish I knew how to scrapbook but guess it can get expensive... Kathi showed me some of her books. She also does good work!!! Another day in the laundry... Almost caught up.... Going out to supper at a lady's from the church who we met at the SALE..Finally warming up today.. It was SO COLD!!! MOM

kellyd said... looks great. You'll have to show me the end product. I'm glad you liked it; I knew you would do a great job since you're are so creative!!!