Wednesday, April 23, 2008

when my kids are older...

See that cute little girl in the front, the one looking at the camera...That's me. Also in the pic, my Great Grandma Averill, my cousins and sister Keela. Aren't we cute!

We take tons of these types of pictures (as I am sure most people do). I look at this now and laugh at the clothes, look in the background for things I remember and wonder what this day was like. Whose house are we at? What was the occasion for getting together? Why is Grandma holding my arm? Was I the kid who wouldn't stand for the picture (I hope not.)?

I love, love, love looking at old pictures. Honestly, I love looking at any pictures. In 3 weeks, I will be at my Mammaw's house. I always spend at least one evening browsing through her pictures. She has tons of albums.

My favorite album is one she made of her and Pappaw. She cut out extra pictures that had Pappaw in them. Then she put the little cut out Pappaw's all throughout the album. For some reason it makes me smile and laugh. I love it! I think she is a scrapbooker at heart!


carole said...

Tab.. I can see Sarah and a little of Ty in your picture. How old were You? Only 1 more day of laundry. Actually we are organizing All the craft items and ALL the Christmas decorations.. a room full... Going out for supper tonight and tomorrow and then to Kathi's.. MOM

Sherry said...

Hey, Remember the other night getting a photo of all the grandkids with Grandma June?? And then you have this picture of Great Grandma Baldwin (she remarried) with all her greatgrandkids. Life goes on from one generation to the next. Soon you will be taking my picture with my Greatgrandkids and you'll think back to the other night and it will seem like yesterday.
We were at Aunt Florences celebrating the four oldest ones birthdays...but the younger ones got gifts too. Gary - Nov. 6, Devin Oct. 25, June - Oct. 9 and Keela Oct. 4. And Yes, she was holding you still cause you kept running back to me, remember you were a Mommys girl at one time. :-)
I love all the old photos too and I especially love it when I get to go home and look at all the albums. Brings back memories. I look and think hey, that was just yesterday. Memories.
Love, MOM

kellyd said...

I can totally tell that it is you in this picture. Too cute. I love looking at old pictures also. It's so much fun to reminisce!! Thank you for sharing your memories!!