Sunday, April 13, 2008

Thank you Webkinz

I was browsing blogs and someone had this and of course my competitive nature made me give it a try. (the other person-I have no idea who is was- had a much, much higher score--I will be busy this week trying to up my score)

I have Lunch Letters (my 2nd favorite webkinz game) to thank for my typing ability.
74 words

Click to take the test

If you have a blog try it. It is fun!


christy said...

the fastest i could get was 72 wpm!!! you are amazing! nice typing!

Kami said...

Ugh, do I tell you my score?
61. I guess I'm not cut out for secretarial work. Good job, Tab!

Tabitha Dillehay said...

Im telling you two... get a webkinz. The skills I learn there are amazing! :) (I kid.)

In case anyone is fave games are:

Lunch Letters
Booger gets an A (A math game)'

Try them...they are bettter than for wasting time online.