Friday, April 4, 2008

Awesome Big Sister

Emily is great in the role of Eldest Child. The relationship she is building with Ty is really sweet to see. One of his favorite places to play is Emily's room. She is so good about giving him special things to do. Oftentimes I will find him sitting on her bed looking through all of her beads. He loves intricate little things and has been teaching him to sit down to look at them and then put them back away when he is done.

He also loves her magnet board and all of her magnets.
He really admires and looks up to her.

Here he is calling into her room. Mimee, Mimme. You can see he has his cup and Mickey bag filled with cars. He was probably hoping to get some Emily playtime.

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Kari B. said...

That is so cool that you are a "hero" to Ty. I remember when Bekie was little and called me Abba and she still wants to come into my room and look through all of my clothes and jewelry. Hope you enjoy all the blessings of being the oldest. -Abby Bergman