Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Last post today

Sarah-I'm happy to drive my family around!
Ty-Look Ma, a new handrest!
Katie-Are you sure you want me to ride in here?
Emily-Wait! Let me get in the picture too!



carole said...

Sorry I have not written on my blog lately. More cute pictures of the kids. I save every one...I really like this blog thing. Seems to keep us in touch. Now to get Kari and Kristy to open one. Katie looks so big... Finally having somw warm weather.. MOM

kari b said...

my kids just so happen to see the picture of Katie and everyone thinks that she looks like Bekie's baby pictures. I guess so now that they mention it. What do you think? Of course, you know Ty is the spitting image of his dad:) Your kids are all very cute though and sound like you have a lot of fun with them. I just heard that Tara and Matt are expecting in September. Wonder if they will finally get their boy? hope so. I will start blogging this weekend if Ben can help me set it up. -kari