Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter 2003

After the crying Ty picture I had to go back and look up this scrapbook page. I took a picture of it and I know the quality isn't the best, but I love this page and wanted to share.

Easter Sunday
Mommy: Ok girls lets take a picture before we go to church.

Try #1
Emily squats down to be Sarah's size.

Try #2
Sarah adoringly gazes at her big sister.

Try #3
Sarah spices things up with a little dance.

Try #4
When I say, "smile" Sarah, think I said be silly, makes a face.
Emily's face expresses my feeling. Grrrr.

Where has time gone! I remember this like it was yesterday.

I am so scrapbooking conflicted right now. I enjoy the process, but time is so precious. Not sure if I just need a boost to get back into it, or if I should delve into a different way of preserving these precious moments.


carole said...


Enjoy the Easter pictures.. I feel almost as if we are right there . The picture of the 3 girls is precious.. The one of the 4 of them would have been great if Ty was smiling... Palm tree in the back ground.... The girls dresses are LOVELY and the hats are so cute!! Have you decided how to change the time on my blog postings?? Mom

Kathi said...

Cute pictures! If you are like me, you envision this perfect picture....Sometimes that just doesn't happen :) That's ok though. That 2003 scrapbook page is funny. I just packed that dress away. Time sure does fly! Hopefully I'll get another girl to use it on someday.
:) Kathi

kernelklinck said...

Great pictures! I love the pictures of the girls in front of "the white house." That scrap page sure does show the silly side of Sarah. I miss them at the age!!

T.Mark.D. said...

I love seeing that photo of the girls from 5 years ago. Wow they grow.
So your page of scrapping was so good! Maybe you should take it up again. Maybe you could do it while your husband watches the kids. You could even get his permission to leave the scrap out on the good table for a few nights.

Love you,