Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter Lapbook

We had a very fun week of homeschooling. Our entire week was based on the book, "The Legend of the Easter Egg" We read the book and learned many thing from it. Here are some topics we studied:
-Good Friday and Easter-Why we celebrate those days?
-Russia and Faberge Eggs
-Parts of an Egg, How a chick hatches
-Brown Eggs vs. White Eggs
-Practiced/Reviewed Telling Time
-Similies, studied them and wrote out own
-Learned New Vocabulary
-Sequencing/Story Order

We have had a great time and love making lapbooks. Sarah is working on one from the Three Snow Bears. She has learned so much about Canada and Polar Bears. Emily is getting ready to do a Lapbook on Amelia Earhart.

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Jolanthe said...

It looks great! My girls are going to put theirs together today. They've had so much fun with the experiments and everything this week. :)