Friday, March 21, 2008

Wii and hanging with friends

We had our friends the R family over tonight for dinner. Mark made delicious hot dogs and hamburgers. I had planned on the kids making Easter Basket cupcakes, but they preferred...

...playing the wii. I am happy to say that C and Mark tied in this round of boxing. I think Emily was the boxing star tonight. She seems to be the master of KO.

Sarah and B both love to jumprope, so of course they had to do that tonight.

It was nice to have new friends over for dinner. Our goal is to have 1 new family over each month. Who will be our April victims???


carole said...

Hi Sounds like you had a GREAT time with your company. Do you have Kari's blog address?? and Kristy's new email We spent the day in Tyler looking at flowers, eating at BRAUMS and shopping....Need to cut my hair, make tomorrow's fruit salad and deviled eggs ( sorry Mark ) and pick out my Easter dress.. Love

Kari B. said...

I have intentions of doing the empty tomb with kids at church tomorrow morning. I am using that and the picture of the door to the empty tomb in Israel (taken by me in 1984) that says, "He is risen. He is not here." for the kids. We are excited about seeing you all soon. Maddy is making a lapbook after reading The Light and the Glory by Peter Marshall. It is a series written for children with a workbook for ages 9-12 years old.