Saturday, March 8, 2008

Emily's Party

We had Emily's party tonight and it was a great success. There were 8 girls in all and we tie dyed t-shirts, played charades, made shakes, had pizza, chips and shrimp for dinner, ate birthday and had moments of laughters and giggles!

It seemed like such a mature, grown-up party. Our Emily is turning into a beautiful young lady!

She picked to have a cookie cake this year. It was delicious.

We were very pleased with how the shirts turned out. Thank you to Kathi for helping me with the process. (Want to do them this summer at Hemans?)


Kathi said...

Cute shirts. Did you use Rit dye?
it would be fun to do them at Hemans!

:) Kathi

Tabitha Dillehay said...

Hi Kathi,
Yes, we used Rit dye. I think we could have made them brighter if would have let them soak a bit longer. I think they also could have been rinsed a little more thoroughly, but...we were under time constraints. Emily was very pleased, so I was too. Your directions were very helpful!

Thanks so much.

carole said...

Thank you for sharing those pictures with us . Sounds like a good party. Emily looks so happy. The shirts are neat.. Tomorrow starts another week of work... 2 weeks until Easter Sunday...Call us on the land phone.. Why are the only ones that comment on our blogs are Kari,Kathi,Tab,me and our friends Husted and Cairns? Doesn't anyone else read them??Carole