Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Uniquely Sarah

Sarah is such a unique kid. I like the way she interacts with people.

Mark and I were talking about our recent training for work. The facilitator was a really neat person. She spends her day getting other people excited and 'buying in' to their program. By the end of the training she had us snapping and clapping for the good work of other people. Emily thinks it sounds crazy (she wondered if the lady thought we taught Kindergarten), but we had an awesome time. We both think Sarah could do this job when she grows up. #1 She likes to have fun and wants others around her to do the same. #2 She doesn't mind being a little goofy.

On Monday in their Journals I had them write down 2 goals for this week. I told them to think seriously about what they would like to accomplish. I was thinking they would put something like--say 2 sections in King's Kids, finish the book I am reading, keep my room clean. Um...no.
Sarah wrote:
1. Play webkinz with Grandma on the computer.
2. Finish a song on Guitar Hero 3.

PS--What an awesome shirt ! :)

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