Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Visiting with Mammaw and Family 1

We usually get a Chuck E Cheese visit in while we are Michigan. Robin had a great coupon 100 tokens for $10. Can't do much better than that. We spent them quickly and collected and counted our hard earned tickets. Nothing like getting a yummy lollipop for 40 tickets!

We had fun with my cousins kids, Ethan and Sadie. The 5 of them got along great and had fun playing at Mammaws. There was one incident where they thought oil was Green Tea, it was nearly drank, but....disaster averted.

We played a new Sorry game with Robin and Mammaw. Always fun to spend time together.
Mammaw remodeled her 'play room'. She had a new floor put in and carpeted. Painted the walls and trim work. Installed a countertop and cabinets that make it perfect for family dinners. She uses the table Mark and I gave her (gulp) almost 15 years ago. It was the table that was given to us and we used in our first home (our apartment at Spring Arbor married housing).


oodrea1221 said...

I only see 1 new post here... what's up with that? I guess I only did 1 new one too, but it does have 17 pictures in it! I love that Mammaw has your table from SO long ago!! Memories...

Sherry said...

Mother always wanted a room for big family dinners. I just love it but I think I will always call it the play room.
Robin is always good at getting those bargains. ching ching
Our Chuck-E-Cheese is suppose to open sometime soon here in Fort Myers.

Sherry said...

And when did Ethan and Sadie get so grow up way to fast for me.

christy said...

soooo jealous of your trip! it's soooooooo hot down here and i would love to have all the kids together in mamaws yard to play! looks like a great trip!