Saturday, May 3, 2008

King's Kids Jamboree

Today was the King's Kids Jamboree and we had a wonderful time! I was so proud of my girls and all of the WRBC kids!

Here the girls are with their loot. They both won a bible for memorizing Psalms 34. They worked hard to get the whole chapter done.

This was Sarah's first Jamboree. (It is only for 1st-6th grade) She did great! Her first place ribbon is from the New Testament Themes relay race. She also won ribbons for other relay races and the poster contest. Way to go, Sarah!

Emily won first place for New Testament Themes, the poster contest and tract writing contest. She won several other ribbons including one for the Bible Quiz Team. This is the 1st year that she did the quiz team. We were so proud of her. She won 20 points for her team. Good job, Emily!
Here is our clan. 2 weeks ago we were counting the kids that could be here and realized that Emily and Sarah were the only girls. They were so sad about that. Luckily, the Gimenez family was in town. Since they are still WRBC people they got to join in with us. More girls. Yeah!
Lucky Mark! He got to participate in the wrap your leader contest. He was the mummy!
Here Emily is during the New Testament Themes relay. Our team worked hard and did great on this one.
The 4 girls were so excited to be together.

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