Saturday, May 3, 2008

Random Pics

Katie at the Jamboree today. She is still a happy, smiley baby.
The kids love playing hide and seek. Under Katie's crib is always a good place to hide. (but we all know that, so is it really a good place to hide?)
Lakes Park opened a new waterpark. We have had a lot of fun visiting there and plan to get lots of use out of it this summer.

What a great big brother! Wants to make sure Katie gets in on the fun.


oodrea1221 said...

LOVE ALL OF THE PICS and the King's Kids blog AND the update... I'm thankful that we keep in touch, mostly via IM, so I knew most of that...but it was still good to read and know that Katie is gaining weight and doing so well (she is SO smiley)! I'm so thankful God has blessed you with such a loving family, church and friends. ENJOY THEM!

With love,

Kathi said...

Hey Tab,

Looks like your kiddos had a lot of fun! I wish we had something like that here.

Do I see a Britax CowMoo in that one picture????

:) Kathi

Tabitha Dillehay said...

Good eyes, Kathi!

Yes, Katie has the Cowmoo. I wanted to get it for Ty and Mark and Emily said no way! I bought this before they could disagree! We just moved her into it.


kellyd said...

Love the pictures....And, yes, we will have to get together soon at Lakes Park. You know I always enjoy that!! Now that Homeschool is done maybe you'll have a little more time:)

What a great looking family!!


christy said...

i love the hide-and-seek picture....shane loves that game, still catching onto the concept of "hiding"....he goes into his room and stands in one place with a big smile on his face...or if i hide behind the door, he does the same thing for the next 5 turns! so funny!