Saturday, May 31, 2008

My future son-in-law

We had fun at the Sutton/Bowman wedding today. It was beautiful and the couple are truly in love. What a nice thing to see.

This was the Corvette they used to leave the wedding. I plan to use this picture in about 15 years at Chandler and ______'s wedding. I haven't decided yet who will be his bethrothed.

:) Wouldn't we be fun in-laws Misha! :)

Chandler and Holly


Misha said...

Tab: Love the pics! Let's just go ahead and arrange this marriage now. It doesn't matter which girl you choose. By the way, does the car come with the marriage?????

Tabitha Dillehay said...

I thought you were going to bed after we talked. Remember all 4 of you need to be in Sunday School tomorrow!


Misha said...

I am going to bed right now. This blogging thing is very addictive and John will not type any more for me. See you tomorrow!

kellyd said...

What a great thing to set up!! Chandler would be the perfect match for either of your girls!!! Too funny:)


oodrea1221 said...

I vote for Sarah... although I am not against a large gap in age, so we'll have to see how Katie's personality turns out...I think Emily won't go for the prearranged thing! :)

ps...we'll have to see how Daniel & Katie get along in the future too! ;)