Friday, May 9, 2008

Mother Daughter Banquet 2008

Tonight was the Mother Daughter Banquet and we had such a wonderful time!

Kami was the speaker and I must say...I was impressed. I don't always view my younger sister as the 'speaker' type. I know she is a knowledgable, godly woman....but I also know her on a more day to day basis. Not a bad thing, just I still see her as my goofy, silly, (used to be annoying) little sister. She would drive me absolutely crazy when we were kids! We had to share a room and she would insist on cuddling. I hated that, but had to put up with it. I did pay her back by kicking her out of bed, or chopping down the bed to divide up my side and hers. When we were kids we did the dishes every. single. night. (periods for emphasis) Somehow Kami got the job of rinsing the dishes. Now really, is that a job. Keela could have easily rinsed and then set it over for me to dry. Anyway...Kami would pull up the faucet and make it look like a microphone and she would sing, and sing, and sing, rinse a dish, sing, sing, sing, rinse a dish... You get the idea.

Kami did a great job. She talked about how each of us ladies has a purpose for God, no matter where we are in life. As a mom of young children, it can be hard to 'find time' to study the Bible or pray. Kami talked about how a friend told her you need to be creative with your time and prioritize. I think everybody these days is busy so I can't use that excuse, but I can be more productive with my busy time. My goal, as soon as I get back from vacation, is to make time to study the Bible. Not just a passing glance at a passage, but to actually think about what I am reading. Sometimes, I feel like my spiritual life is one more thing on my to do list. I plan to change that. Thank you for your lesson, Kami. I am proud of you.

Here we are, 14 strong. Keela, Kami, Tay and I all wore pink. Didn't even plan it!
4 generation shots
Afterwards, these girls were running around the fellowship hall having fun. Mom had them stop for a picture and she said, "In 5 years you will be teens." Wow! These are all some awesome girls! I will enjoy watching them grow up into Godly young ladies.

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kellyd said...

I have the exact same goal as you. I heard a sermon on the radio about a women that decided to set aside an hour everyday for devotion. She did that 15 years ago and has not missed a day since; she said her life has never been more blessed because she spent so much time with the Lord. I realized after that how I needed to set more time aside for the Lord. Like you said, it is always on my "to do" list. It should always be first, but for some reason it gets pushed aside. It was encouraging to see that I'm not the only one struggling in that area. Maybe we can help to encourage one another!

I also loved the story about you growing up. It's fun to hear stories about friends when they were little!!

Happy Mother's Day, Tabitha...your a wonderful mother and I hope you enjoy your day!! :)