Thursday, May 22, 2008

Henry Ford Museum

We were planning to take the kids to Greenfield Village, but weather made us change our mind. Instead we went right next door to the Henry Ford Museum. The museum is great!
Much to Sarah's delight they had:
-The bus Rosa Parks sat on when she refused to move for a white person.
-The chair Lincoln was sitting in when he got shot.
She learned about both of those people this year in school.
We also saw lots of other cool things. I highly recommend a visit if you are in the area.


Sherry said...

Oh, I wish I could've gone with you. It's been ages since we went and I probably have some photos of that visit too. I always said during the summer that I wanted to go back in the winter for their sleigh ride in the snow.
Are Mam-maw and Sarah actually sitting in the bus or is that just a prop. Glad you got to see what you've been studying about Sarah.

freetobeme said...

I haven't been to Henry Ford Museum in years but your photos brought back memories. It was so nice of you to comment on my blog!
It's fun to find out someone new is reading!