Thursday, May 8, 2008

Katie at 7 months

My fun times and accomplishments this month include:

-I sit up, but prefer to be crawling around.
-I went swimming for the first time at Uncle William and Aunt Keela's house.
-I love to eat Pasta Pick-ups. Yum!
-I gained weight! (Not many of us celebrate that! :) )
-I found out that I am going to have 2 new cousins. Yeah!
-I like to play with balls and other toys that belong to my sisters or brother.
-I love the view from Mommy and Daddy's arms. That is the best place to be!
-I spend lots of time manuvering around the house. I can get anywhere I want to go, but Mommy doesn't like it when I go under the table to try to find dropped food.
-Daddy took me to get my ears pierced.
-I like to take baths with Ty. He loves to splash me, but I can take it. I'm tough!


carole said...

Katie!! YOU are so cute!! Will see you on Friday and then I want to see all your acomplishments.. Grandma

kellyd said...

Katie is doing so good!!! That picture of her is adorable!!

2 cousins???? I knew one, but where did the other come from? Twins maybe?!

Wow, so many babies. How fun!!


Tabitha Dillehay said...

Hey Kelly,

My sister and Mark's sister are both pregnant! I was hoping you would think it was Taylin. :)

See you Sunday,