Saturday, May 31, 2008

Operation: Transition to Big Boy Bed

The day I dreaded has come and gone. Transitioning to a toddler bed from a crib is not something I was looking forward to. Ty is an awesome sleeper and never climbed out of his crib. He did like to jump in there after he woke up and that started to loosen the side rail. This made us decide to move him to a bed.

I was worried he would keep getting up and start to have bed time battles. I was wrong! He loves his bed and has no problem sleeping there. I am so grateful for easy tranistions.

Emily and Sarah both had a bed just like this. Kathi now has it in Tenn. This is one that a friend from church, Gina, gave to us. Our car-loving guy was just thrilled with it.

He also got a new Diego sheet for his bed. Diego is another of his loves at the moment.

Katie wants in!


christy said...

the car bed is great! i also dreaded switching shane to a big-boy-bed....but same results, he loved it! we needed a crib for skylar so we did it a few months ago, he has only got out of bed once (on purpose) fallen out twice (no major injuries!) and other than that loves the extra bouncing space!

Sherry said...

When did your little baby grow up?? He looks so much oler in his New Car Bed. Love the pix.

Love MOM

carole said...

Ty sure looks like Mark when he was that age and if he likes to sleep.. that was Mark too.. Cute pictures... Mom

kernelklinck said...

Cool bed!! He is getting so much older. Way to go for Katie pulling herself up!