Friday, May 9, 2008

5 things challenge

Ok, fellow bloggers---here is the challenge. Grab that digi camera (dslr or point and shoot--doesn't matter) look around your home and take 5 picture that make you smile. They are to be random anything shots, no pressure to get one of each kid in the family ( no guilt will be placed). Just get 5 shots and share them and why they make you smile.

5 things that make me smile
1. Curriculum
I am a curriculum junkie. I have one more shipment coming from I am so excited about next year. My fingers are itching to start planning our weekly lesson plans, but I am forcing myself to wait until our vacation is over. Here is the stack of goodies to go through!

2. Sleeping with books and more
Sarah always sleeps with books, some kids cuddle with stuffed animals, but Sarah enjoys her books. Love it!
I also like that she sleeps with my pillow. At least we say it is mine, but she has been using it for months now. She is also cuddling with a throw blanket from the couch. She said is just makes her feel so cozy.

3. Tonka

I love having a boy! I was always a tomboy growing up, so I love all of Ty's little boy toys. He loves this Tonka truck and loves to put his cars in it. He drives this thing all over the house.

4. Mark at work

Here is my guy hard at work. I love it that his desk area is filled with pictures from the kids. He made me my own work area and here he is in the corner of our bedroom. He always gives me the best! What a guy.

5. Tiny Diaper

I like little rolled up diapers ready to be thrown away, it reminds me the kids are still young.

Ok, your turn and no excuses! I know you have other things to do, but this is fun!
I should be:
-grading the rest of the work in my inbox
-finishing a picture for Kelly
-packing for vacation
-making sure I paid all the bills!
-folding laundry
....the list goes on!

but I did this instead. Join me!


Amy said...

okay, I will give this a try, but it may take me a few days.
Have a great mothers day

carole said...

Tab.. I have more then 5 things.. It is hard to chose.. I am waiting for my camera to be charged up so I can take the pictures of them.. Stayed tuned.. Mom

kellyd said...

Yeah...sounds like fun!! I will have some posted in a few days...maybe even today. I get really excited about fun things that have me get "off task!"

Great idea!!


Sherry said...

I love the way you think and make life so interesting. If I had a blog I would do my five but I'm kinda like Carole....I have a lot.

Love you,

Love, MOM

Happy Mothers Day
You're a GREAT one.