Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day to all of you and thank you to all our veterans who protect our freedom.

We went to the graveyard today to put a flag on my Grandpa Reuben and Uncle Gary's graves. It was a beautiful scence with so many flags. We enjoyed walking around and looking at different tombstones.

I have such fond memories of my Grandpa Reuben and Pappaw Walker. It is sometimes sad to think that my children will never know these two men like I did. I have many memories of them and I hope I do a good job sharing these with my kids.

Grandpa Reuben was always a revered person in my mind. I remember that every time we ate at Grandma's house she would serve him first. She always upheld him as the leader of the home. He would say, "Aw, let them eat." But she insisted that he get the first plate. Respect like that is something you earned. I knew my Grandpa was special just by the way my Grandma treated him.

When we would be at their house I loved to eavesdrop on their conversation. Grandpa was a very smart man. He seemed so knowledgeable in so many ways. I think my Dad is lucky to have learned so much from his Dad.

When I was 11, my cousin June and I went on a trip with Grandma and Grandpa to see the 1984 World's Fair. I remember having a good time with them and his smile. He always made sure we had a good time.

One time I was at their house and found a wad of money. I can't remember how much, but I remember seeing some hundreds. At first, I didn't know what to do. I thought maybe I shouldn't tell, but then I thought maybe someone needed the money and had lost it. Finally I told the adults and they said go get it. I remember seeing, Grandpa and Grandma both with their hands out smiling saying give me the money. We all had a good laugh over that. (I think I gave the money to Grandma. :) ) That is how it was growing up. You always had a good time at Grandpa and Grandma's house. They even had a pool table and pinball machine for the grandkids.

Pappaw is what I called a working man. I don't think he knew how to relax, or if he was relaxing it was only long enough to rejuvenate and get back to work. When Mark and I were first married, we didn't really think much about a permanent job because we knew we were moving to Florida. We lived in Spring Arbor for 5 months while Mark was student teaching. For several weekends we picked apples at an Apple Orchard with Pappaw. We had to fill up these huge barrels for $18 for each full one. Mark and I worked hard. We were in our early 20's and quick as can be...or so we thought. It seemed for every one we filled up Pappaw filled up two!

Pappaw used to love to watch me play basketball. He was one of my biggest fans. Whenever I did something good there would be cheering and just as it started to get quiet I would hear, "Way to go, Tabby". I knew my Pappaw was there. He used to say, "We hurry to get to the game, then we hurry home to watch the highlights on the news and then we go to bed and hurry and wake up to see the article in the newspaper."

Pappaw only went to school until 3rd grade and then he was needed at home. He always worked hard to be a good reader. His text was the Bible. He was very faithful at studying his Bible. Through Bible reading he improved his reading ability and also was able to grow spiritually. When I was in college I went with Mammaw, Pappaw and Robin to church a lot. I would sit by Pappaw during Sunday School. In their class they always took turns reading verses. They would go around to everybody and if you didn't want to read you could pass. I know several people would pass. Pappaw never passed, he always read. Sometimes he would elbow me and point to a word. I would whisper the word to him. He was always ready when it was his turn.

I hope my children....

-are knowledgeable like my Grandpa
-are hard workers like my Pappaw
-respected like my Grandpa
-likes others around them to have fun like my Grandpa
-life-long learners like my Pappaw
-love to go to church like my Pappaw

I love and miss you Grandpa and Pappaw. Thank you for the impact you had on my life.


Sherry said...

Had to get a tissue for that one. What wonderful memories you have and are able to share them with so many people. Yes, they were both great men and you described them perfectly. Thank you for sharing. Love you,
Love MOM

carole said...

Hi What nice memories you have of your grandfathers... Someday I will blog about my 2 grandfathers who were both Christian and Ispent a lot of time with... Carole

freetobeme said...

What a nice Memorial Day tribute. I could feel the love.

oodrea1221 said...

Thank you so much for that Tab. It was so nice to read and take time to remember our men who have served our country so well and to hear about you grandpas. I remember Pappaw a little bit, but but it was nice to know more about him. I know your Mammaw misses him tremendously, as does your family. I had to get a tissue too, but it's all good!