Saturday, August 30, 2008

misc from the week

This has been a typical busy week. We had a very productive week of school. That is very good considering they have all of next week off. Mark and I are going to a work conference Wednesday-Friday afternoon. It is held in Orlando, so we won't be too far away. This is our big annual staff conference. We love going and the school does a wonderful job of pampering us. I'm very excited about one of our speakers this year. Erin Gruwell will be speaking. She is a wonderful teacher and the movie "Freedom Writers" is based on her life. Hillary Swank plays the lead role. If you haven't seen the movie I highly reccomend it. I believe it is PG13, so parental discretion is advised. :) Here is a link to the foundation she started.

The conference is great and we always enjoy catching up with our fellow teachers. I truly love my job and feel very valued. We both are very happy to be working for a great organization that is doing awesome things in education, ..... but.......we will miss the kids. This is our first time away from Katie. I know she will be fine. She is in good hands, but part of me feels guilty. I know I should be (and I am ) grateful that we have the opportunity for both of us to be home with our children for all but a couple days out of the year. I just know I will miss them. Pray for them and me and my Mom and Kelly (they will be watching them).

Back to my blog post....
School was great this week. Emily is really handling her work load nicely. We added in Latin this week. It is a good program and we are both enjoying learning another language. I think I will start looking for a Spanish program for all of us to work on starting in January.

Sarah enjoys her grammar program. She likes to look up words in the dictionary. I'm glad she has fun doing that!

Mark bought tickets for me to take the girls to see High School Musical at Broadway Palm. We were able to invite Brooke to join us. I think this was my favorite production that I have seen there.
This extremly blurry picture is from Upward today. This was their last game and we were glad to have Kelly and Carter join us. The girls did a great job and enjoyed this activity very much.


carole said...

WOW!! Emily.. I did not take Latin until I was in 10th grade.. I can still sing ' O Come All Ye Faithful ' in Latin.. I'll sing it for you when you come to D.C. Sarah, you both look so grown up!! Glad that you like English grammar. So do I.. I'll be praying for ' the other grandma'... Mom

freetobeme - Anita said...

I love the pictures of your girls studying. They look so intent and like they are enjoying it, which I'm sure they are.

ruth said...

I'm homeschool and it sounds like you both work out of your home but it also sounds like you're connected with a school or organization as well. How does that work? Just curious:)
I'm impressed about the Latin thing, that sounds really difficult and definitely not something they cover in public least not where I teach.
Have a great time at the conference...I saw the movie and it was great!